Our Window Repair Galway professionals are the only ones you will ever need to call. We repair and service double-glazed windows

Fix or service your windows with the help of the window repairmen at Windows Galway.

Having installed and repaired double glazed windows and door hinges in Galway for nearly 15 years, we are available 24/7 for emergency window repair and window replacement. We can help you decide which windows will work for you and give you advice on what is quality, what’s a waste of money, and what’s problematic. Master technicians (and locksmiths) form part of our team, as do qualified and registered locksmiths. Get a free estimate on a window installation, glass replacement, or window part replacement from us today.

We also provide residential door, patio door, garage door, and conservatory repairs for both the domestic and the public sector throughout Galway. Most upvc window or conservatory window will need to be replaced or repaired at some point. As window age, they will need maintenance and window replacement to ensure they will keep performing at a high level. Our experienced professionals at Window Pro are familiar with all the problems and faults that may arise for the property owner.

The best window repair service in Galway

A window repair company offers a cost-effective solution to window repairs, double glazed windows, Security features, replacement windows. Doors and windows can perform poorly if someone installs poorly them, if the hardware is cheap, if maintenance is neglected with ensure functionality, and if we wear the overall condition out. A malfunctioning door or window can cause heat loss and draughts and affordable price.

The best window repair services in Galway

A window repair company offers an affordable price solution to window installation. Door and window can perform poorly if someone installs poorly window installation, if the hardware is cheap, if maintenance is neglected, and if we wear the overall condition out. A malfunctioning door or window can cause heat loss and draughts and cost you a lot of money.

Double-glazed and UPVC window repair & window installation.

Most modern buildings have UPVC window since they are inexpensive and easy to install. They are perfect for those who want to upgrade their windows on a budget. With its durability, affordable price and environmental friendliness, UPVC is a brilliant choice.
Depending on the installation, quality, and local weather, ensure functionality, UPVC window can last anywhere from 20 to 30 years. Popular belief holds that they don’t last forever. Though they need some care and attention, it is much less than what we would need for aluminium or wooden windows. The insulation value of a window is negatively affected by damaged window. As well as being unsightly, a minor issue can worsen into a more serious one.
Repairing UVPC window increase the value of your home and help you reduce heating costs since your home will be more energy-efficient and also security.

roofing window repair and service by handyman in galway
Repair and replacement of wood windows

Repair and replacement of wood window and Double glazed windows

It is highly insulating and aesthetically pleasing to have wooden window installation. However, regular maintenance is required to ensure this is maintained. A damp climate such as country Galway, Ireland makes wood window more vulnerable to the weather and prone to rotting. Besides painting your wooden windows every three to five years, you should also regularly inspect them for cracks or damage.
We can perform wood window repairs in several ways. Our response can only be accurately determined by assessing the damage. We can repair minor damage with epoxy wood filler, but more serious cases can require the damaged sections to be cut out and replaced with fresh wood. Wooden window frames that are well kept are both visually pleasing and effective at retaining heat.

Replacement Windows and Security features.

Because of their durability and strength, aluminum windows are becoming increasingly popular. You can improve your home’s insulation value with them, as they are environmentally friendly. Besides their durability and low maintenance, aluminum windows also benefit from being aesthetically pleasing. Because of their strength, they provide a higher level of security for their users. Installing wooden windows or UPVC windows is expensive.
Proper maintenance and care will extend the life of aluminum windows. Someone should clean regularly the frames to prolong their life. When window hinges haven’t been properly cared for, defects are most likely to occur. Corrosion of the frame can also occur from the weather, requiring them to be wire brushed when spotted. Besides applying a protective coat, we should take extra care to make the product last as long as possible.

Repairs & Fixes for Aluminum Windows

Sash Window Repair Galway

A unique design characteristic of historic or period homes is the use of sash windows. Most times, these beautiful but aged windows need to be restored and repaired due to wear and tear.
Among our services are sash window restoration, sash window repairs, and window replacement. Besides modernizing sash windows, we can draught-proof them with modern materials while still maintaining their historic appearance.
We offer modernizations such as increased insulation, soundproofing, and draught-proofing as part of our window sash repair services. We can restore sash windows to their original appearance without compromising their structural integrity.

Installation of windows for the first time in Galway

In addition to hanging new windows for new houses, we have been doing it for years. Someone install seamlessly the windows we install in no time thanks to our sophisticated equipment.

We ensure the quality of our services-

  • Irrefutable,
  • Orientation of the vertical axes,
  • Securely protected,
  • Operation is effortless,
  • Keeping your home warm
  • The efficiency of windows.

We left these further ensure no job undone and further: 

We can improve window technology to shield environmentally harmful factors from indoors while also reducing heating bills and carbon emissions. Our website is a great resource if you have just finished erecting the walls of your house and it’s now time to consider the installation of windows and doors.

The following factors can affect the performance of doors:

  • An improperly adjusted or fitted door.
  • Repairs and maintenance are not performed properly.
  • A corroded or stressed hinge can prevent a door from closing properly, creating an insecure home.
  • Your home can become cold and uncomfortable even after you seal off draughts and gaps, and you can end up spending hundreds on heating every year.

All over County Galway, we repair many patios and PVC Doors on commercial and domestic properties, so if you have a problem with your doors, call us today. 

Repairs and replacements include:

  • Cylinders and Locks
  • Getting started
  • Doorknobs
  • Draughts coming in through the windows
  • Wheels and rollers for patio doors
  • Double-glazed units that are fogged or misted
  • Windows that are seized
  • Doors that were seized

Regardless of whether a window is made of UPVC, wood, or aluminium, its locking mechanism is one of the most important parts. It lets you air out a room while also ensuring the security of your property. You ensure we choose the correct lock for a window since different companies make the locks. Our services include both installing new locking mechanisms and repairing existing ones if they have not been seriously damaged. Older windows can also have obsolete locks replaced with a more modern ones for improved security. It made modern locking mechanisms of stronger materials and is much easier to use than older old-fashioned ones.

We are specialists in glass repair and can assist, irrespective of the problem. As soon as possible, we will remove any broken glass from your property safely and efficiently. If we cannot repair your window as soon as possible, we will board it up to secure your home until we can get the relevant parts.

We also provide glass replacement services. This can include a simple upgrade to double- or triple-glazed windows, as well as the replacement of windows that have been damaged due to break-ins or other causes. As part of this process, we can also install new draft seals or mechanisms.

A draft seal is an important part of any window or door. A seemingly small gap allows me to lose uncountable amounts of heat. During the winter, when temperatures and winds are low, this is clear. Incorrectly installed draft seals can also result in condensation inside a property. Moisture in the air can cause mould to grow on walls and within the immediate vicinity, causing damp damage.

Ensure there is no damage to your draft seals by regularly checking them. Unless it is damaged, draft seals rarely need to be replaced. It is possible however for the draft seals on older UPVC or aluminium windows to shrink back and make the glazing gap. Easily replaceable and highly effective at insulating heat and provide better comfort, they can significantly raise your energy rating on your property.

Window hinges that are bent or broken are the number one cause of air draughts in a house. Hinges are prone to damage over time due to general wear and tear and blockages caused by dirt or rust buildup. Eventually, the hinge will become more damaged and prevent the window from closing tightly against the seal. If there is a draft, you will feel a gap even if it is not visible at first. As soon as a gap is noticed, it must be filled. As the hinges become more bent out of shape, a smaller gap will gradually become a larger one.

Having Trouble Closing Windows 

Several factors can cause A window that does not close. Maybe the hinges or the locking mechanism are defective. Perhaps one of the draft seals or the interlocks has slipped out of alignment. If a window does not close fully, it will usually be visible. Even if it is not, you will experience a draught and the window will be awkward to close. We will have one of our window repairmen identify the problem after an examination and make a recommendation.

There have been break-ins

Break-ins are part of our responsibilities, unfortunately. If there is any broken glass or other infrastructure that needs to be repaired, we are on hand to do so as soon as possible. We can advise on security upgrades and other options to ensure the safety of your property.

Secure your windows

Windows, and the locks that secure them, are among the most important parts of them. Depending on what you need, our window repairmen can suggest upgrades for older or obsolete locks and can install or upgrade existing systems. Depending on your preferences, our locks can be manual or automatic. The windows can also be modified so that someone can partially open them while being locked to prevent unauthorized access.

Security for Windows

Window security goes beyond locks. It may be worth the investment to switch over to temper glass, which is four times stronger and won’t break as easily. Instead of wasting time and effort, a burglar will opt for an easier target. It is important to check older window frames to ensure it fastened to the property and are not weak points.

As well as on the outside, security plays an important role. Parents concerned about their children’s safety can install safety latches that allow the window to open only a few inches, preventing a child from climbing out or falling out.