Emergency Domestic Electricians in Galway

Domestic electricians at Handyman in Galway Electrical are professionals in all domestic electrical jobs. Whether you require a complete rewiring or a simple light fixture change, our licensed and reliable electricians can perform it. Consequently, after using our service once, our domestic clients keep our business cards handy. Galway Electrical’s handyman service specializes in domestic electrical work. The highly qualified, local electricians at our company provide outstanding service with decades of experience.
A week is all it takes for us to rewire an occupied home. We can chase walls and do any plastering that might be required. We can also provide a plastering contractor if needed. Please contact us if you would like more information about this service.

As a Galway-based company for over a decade, we provide local, dependable services that people return to repeatedly. Regardless of the size of the project, our electricians are fully certified to do any electrical work you need. Besides top-quality service, we offer a fast response time, fair prices, and free, impartial guidance. We encourage you to read our assurance carefully for more details about our service.


You need to ensure that your house’s electric system is functioning properly. Our friendly staff can advise you on electrical repairs or maintenance, as well as take on complete or partial rewiring jobs.


LED lights are one of many types of lighting we have designed and installed over the years. For a free assessment of your lighting needs, give us a call today!



Several domestic and commercial clients already trust and rely on us as the best and most reliable electricians in Galway. Our electrical providers exceed every customer’s expectation. Because of our top-notch service at an affordable price, our clients come back to us again and again. We’re electricians, but why are we different? Click here to learn more.

We are unique among electrical companies because of the following features:

  • Our domestic electricians are skilled, well-qualified, and experienced
  • We have emergency electricians available 24/7 with the shortest turnaround times
  • The service we provide is unsurpassed in terms of professional expertise
  • Customized electrical solutions are available from our electrical contractors
  • The pricing we offer to our valued clients is competitive, and someone delivers promptly our services.

To achieve greater success, we provide comprehensive and prompt solutions. If you are looking for domestic electricians in Galway and nearby areas, you can reach us by typing in keywords like “domestic electricians Galway“.

Emergency Domestic Electricians
Emergency Domestic Electricians

Electricity for other domestic uses

Services We Offer

  • Electrical circuits and switchboards that are faulty need to be repaired or replaced
  • Adding new USB ports and internal sockets
  • New wiring for internal and external lighting
  • Telephones or data points need to be wired or replaced
  • Connecting appliances to isolator sockets or wiring appliances
  • Connecting external car chargers
  • Security lights need to be wired or replaced
  • Power failure investigation and fault finding
  • Identifying and replacing faulty immersion switches and timers
  • Installing smoke, heat, and carbon detectors in the mains 
  • Installing or replacing electric showers
  • Installing or replacing extract fans
  • Electrification or replacing storage heating

If you require any service that is not listed above, contact Handyman in Galway Facilities Management Limited directly.


Frequently Asked Questions

For information specific to your area of Ireland, please visit the Find an Electrician section of this website.

At least three different electricians should quote A major electrical work in your home. Secondly, we recommend you always work with a registered electrician because if you are unsatisfied with their work, the operator of the scheme can ask them to make it right.

To ensure compliance with the Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations, Handyman in Galway Electrical recommends that a Periodic Electric Inspection be performed by one of our qualified electricians at the start of any tenancy and/or every two years.

There are several reasons voltage can be dangerous over a wide range. An extremely low voltage (such as that produced by a single torch battery) can ignite a highly explosive atmosphere. Similarly, batteries (such as those in motor vehicles) can overheat or explode if something shortens them.
When a person comes into contact with a voltage above about 50 volts AC, they may suffer a range of injuries resulting from electrical shock (such as problems breathing or heart function); or indirect consequences (such as running into moving machinery or falling from a height). If the environment is damp or one where a great deal of metalwork is present, the likelihood of obtaining an electric shock is greater.

If you have a concern, either Trading Standards or Citizens Advice should be contacted.
We can objectively review the product’s safety if you provide us with supporting documentation and images. Send it to contact@handymaningalway.com

Homeowners often notice electrical problems immediately. They will tell you that they can do it themselves with no problems. Sadly, we have a problem. An electrician is not a handyman. For an electrician to receive his or her license, they have to go through a rigorous training program. Although it may seem like just a piece of paper, a license has the potential to save your life.

They should perform PAT testing at least every two years in rented properties according to Handyman in Galway Electrical since the law does not specify the frequency.

For quality service at affordable prices, our home electrical contractors at Electric Works Galway maintain a client-centric approach. Starting at just £45+VAT per hour, our prices are unbeatable. Furthermore, we provide no-obligation quotes with fixed prices.