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Handyman in Galway Electrical has been performing business projects for 15 years. We have completed projects ranging from small office fit-outs to bar and restaurant chains. We offer coffee shops as well as rewiring services for large commercial buildings. We have extensive experience in contemporary lighting, mood lighting, and energy-efficient lighting, and we can recommend energy-efficient ways to light your premises cost-effectively.
Many large businesses have benefited from Handyman Electrical’s services. We are committed to keeping our customers satisfied by meeting all deadlines for our Galway effective. Through repeat customers and an excellent reputation, our business has grown through client satisfaction.
Handyman Electrical contractor has installed electrical systems in bars and restaurants across the country. By providing fast and trustworthy service, we do not disrupt your organization while work is being done. We work with each customer to ensure that the existing business is not disrupted, often after office hours.

  • Rewiring or replacing faulty sockets, lights, and switches
  • Installation of sockets and switches, including USB sockets,
  • installing new external and internal lighting 
  • Phones and data sockets
  • Installing appliances and wiring or replacing appliance isolators
  • Installing external car charging points
  • Installing external car charging points
  • Wiring or replacing alarm systems
  • Finding and repairing electrical faults
  • Installing replacement immersion switches and timers
  • Generating smoke, heat, and carbon detectors
  • Installing or replacing electric showers
  • Upgrades to the fuse board

Commercial electrical service, Galway city.

It is always possible to hire an electrician who can serve your needs both at the office and at home when you own a business and a house. Mostly, your electrical needs will remain the same regardless of the size of your business. There is no need to go find someone who is only a commercial electrician when you can use a company that does it all.

We are Galway based electrical contractor

Commercial electrical contractor and completion certification assess your electrical service circuitry regularly. Initially, a visual evaluation is performed to ensure all electrical equipment in a shop, office, or warehouse is safe and in good condition. The next step is testing your electrical wiring etc. using ETCI approved testing equipment. Once the findings are determined, we should give you a list of recommendations on how to correct the errors.

Electrical Technical

The Electrical Technical Council of Ireland regulates and inspects electrical contractor in Galway and other cities in Ireland. Regulations concerning the provision of a safe working environment require regular inspections. A workplace health and safety program should include an inspection report. Over time, wiring and other electrical installations deteriorate, which can lead to fires and shocks. You must ensure you comply with the standards in this area by having a regular assessment with a Galway-based commercial electrician galway.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a problem with the electrical system in my home?

If you ask that question, the answer is likely yes and you should give Handyman in Galway a call to schedule an appointment. Common symptoms of a faulty electrical system are flickering lights, outlets that don't work, and blown circuit breakers.

Can you provide emergency service after hours?

Our clients can count on Salt Electrical for emergency electrical service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Electricians should have what qualifications?

An electrician working in commercial sectors will possess industry-recognized level 3 qualifications, such as an electrical service diploma. Apprenticeships are the most common way for people to qualify as electricians since they require both classroom learning and practical experience, and it may take two to four years to complete the process.

We keep getting tripped by our safety switch. What should we do if we are concerned?

Electrical circuits trip the safety switch if they are overloaded, which usually happens when too many appliances are connected.

How are Commercial Electrician and Domestic Electrical Installers different?

Electricians and electrical installers work with power outlets, lighting, and wiring in offices, retail stores, factories, and commercial buildings. They have experience in working with wiring to support enormous properties, whereas domestic electrician are more likely to have experience with smaller houses.

In industrial or commercial property, what are Commercial Electrician responsible for?

A commercial electrician with experience and certification will perform visual inspections, complete electrical installation work, maintain and repair electrical tasks of all sizes and shapes, working with you to ensure minimal impact to your operation.