About Handyman Electricians Galway

We are a Galway-based, locally owned and operated electrical firm that provides first-rate electrical services to all of Galway. At Handyman in Galway, we provide a range of services to ensure that your electrical equipment is functional and efficient be. We perform everything from loose socket repair to security lighting installation to changing light bulbs.

As an electrical contractor in Galway, we also provide a wide range of electrical services to both domestic and commercial customers in the city and its surrounding areas. We have over 15 years of experience behind us, so we’ve done it all before.

We hire only highly qualified electricians whose expertise in their fields ensures our customers’ trust, reliability, and quality of service. Whether it’s installing new security lighting or a completely new installation, our electricians in Galway can help. We always completed installations on time and safely.

  • Contracts for maintenance
  • Inspections periodically
  • Tests for PAT
  • Lighting for emergencies
  • Alarm for fire
  • Rewiring a house
  • Renovating a house
  • We offer full-service electrical design and layout
  • Wiring, installation, and upgrades
  • No matter what your electrical needs are, just let us know!
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Why Choose Us?

Residential Electrician

For all your residential electrical needs, big or small, we provide a professional and reliable service.

Providing call-out services

We offer very competitive call-out rates that you will not find anywhere else.

An affordable price

Our competitive rates distinguish us from the competition. When you call us or fill out our contact form, we will provide no-obligation quotes.

Electrical contractor

Our electrical services for commercial clients are also specialized. Get a quote and consultation from us today.

Respond Quickly

Whenever you call us or have an electrical issue that needs to be solved immediately, we will respond quickly

We guarantee customer satisfaction

Using our deep industry experience, our parts and equipment of the highest quality, as well as our commitment to provide exceptional service, we work to save time and money for you. I will not leave you unsatisfied once we work.

Are you in need of electrical maintenance?

We can help you with that issue if you contact us.

Electricians Galway 24-hour service

Have a power outage? Easily hire a Galway handyman 24 hours a day. With decades of experience, we value high standards of workmanship and are friendly and professional. Project management is one of our specialities, and someone keenly focused on results. Handyman in Galway is dedicated to quality and professionalism. Based on our dedication to these principles, we have built a reputable company. Customers who have been satisfied with our services have referred us to others. Our goal is to cause the least amount of disruption possible.

Service from Handyman Electrical in Galway

Each of us needs an electrician in our lives. You must hire a qualified electrician if you are having an inspection, installing a new system, or updating your current one. There are many electricians out there, but not all of them are insured or certified. A company with an excellent reputation will offer you good rates and guaranteed workmanship.

Experience is important

There are some electrical companies in Galway County and beyond that are inexperienced in the field and may put your life at risk. Galway-based electricians with licenses and insurance will provide their credentials upon request. In Galway, Handyman Electrical Services offers a wide range of electrical services performed by fully qualified and insured technicians. The electricians we hire are neat and friendly, and we make sure our work is up to code.

Full-service electrical contractors

For electricians Galway based for installations, inspections, emergencies or more, Handyman Electrical provides convenient and easy service to you personally or to your company. For keeping all your electrical up-to-date, they offer maintenance contracts. A third service they offer is periodic inspections and reassessments of all your electrical equipment and wiring. This is to ensure that everything remains safe and within permitted limits. You can approve the correction of all problems found. These inspections were mandatory so that workers could be safe in their workplaces. Also, you should regularly check your home to ensure your family’s safety.


Here are a few Frequently Asked Questions about electrical contractors and electricians? They will address your initial questions, we hope. We would be happy to provide you with more information if needed.

Electrical work can be demonstrated as competent if a person has completed an assessment course, run by an accredited training organisation, that included the type of work being performed. The person should have been able to show an understanding of electrical theory as part of the course.
Completion of an electrical apprenticeship and a few post-apprenticeship years of experience are excellent ways to show competency. Specialized work, such as maintaining high-voltage switchgear or changing control systems, almost certainly requires additional training and experience.

In damp locations, such as outdoors, it is advisable to use a residual current device (RCD). An RCD rated at only 30 mA limits the amount of energy in a specific type of electric shock and can save your life. Despite this, an RCD cannot protect you from every type of electric shock, so you should still be careful to isolate circuits before working on them.
The best RCD to use is one that is integrated into the switchboard of your installation. The RCD protects all circuits connected to it. An RCD plugged into an ordinary mains socket will protect anything attached to that socket, but they may plug equipment into another, unprotected socket.
RCDs should be tested regularly by pressing the ‘test’ button and making sure the RCD trips. RCDs that are faulty or inoperative should be discarded.

You should take care not to damage underground services when digging or disturbing the earth. The underground electrical cable is hazardous because it can appear like a pipe, and if one looks at it one cannot tell if it is life.
There is a danger that damage to underground electrical cables can cause fatal or severe injuries, so you must take precautions to avoid it. Contact Affordable Electricians Galway if you need advice in this area.

Working on live electrical equipment is never completely safe. Working live is only necessary for short situations in which it is unreasonable for the work to be done disconnected (i.e. dead). If working life can be justified, multiple precautions need to be taken to reduce risk to a reasonable level.