most common winter home problems

The 8 most common winter home problems | Galway, Ireland

The weather has changed since you last checked, so you’ve probably noticed it’s colder now. As frost clings to walls and pipes throughout the country, Wise Property Care has been considering what these conditions will do to our properties.  

Insufficient insulation

By not having enough insulation in your home, you are allowing your energy bills to spiral out of control. You’ll spend more money on utility bills due to air that leaks through the external walls, the windows, and the doors of your home. Keeping warm air in your home prevents cold air from mixing with it. Poor insulation can result in your home losing as much as 35 percent of its heating and cooling capacity.


Water can flood through a property when frozen water pipes burst, resulting in a right old messy situation. When it comes to wooden floorboards and timbers, Wise Property Care frequently sees water damage leading to wet or dry rot. Taking into account the fact that burst pipes can be very expensive to fix, we can see why preventing frozen pipes is so crucial.

Taking care of windows and doors

In the winter, window and door openings are the most common ways to lose heat from your home. It may be necessary to replace them if yours are older. We recommend vinyl windows as a less expensive option than wood windows at Good Guys Contracting. Low maintenance costs and durability make them a great choice. It is not only possible to reduce energy consumption but also to receive a return of 71.2 percent on your investment by replacing your Windows and Doors.

winter home problems


Falling leaves have probably blown into gutters and drains during the autumn. Heavy rain or snow can cause blocked gutters to allow water into the roof space if the gutters become blocked. In addition, heavy snowfall can cause the gutters to fall, as the ice weighs down on them.

Repairing fireplaces

Maintaining your fireplace in good working order is also important in the winter. An old or damaged fireplace is a problem you need to solve. In order to prevent damages, including water damage, it’s essential to take these precautions. We can do fireplace installation or repair work, as well as general masonry repairs, for you while guaranteeing quality workmanship.

Snow and ice strains the roof

Ice dams can cause roof leaks, strong winds can loosen shingles, and icicles can damage your roof. All of these conditions can cause damage to your roof due to condensation and freezing temperatures. If you want to avoid a major blow to your roof, make sure any icicles are removed immediately and fixed as soon as you can.

A heavy load of winter supplies damages the driveway

Snow shoveling and ice melting could damage the surface of your driveway, and these chores can cause damage to the surface in the long run. If your driveway has chips and cracks, check it each spring; guard against damage every winter by using a rubber-bladed shovel and by choosing a de-icing agent without harsh chemicals, which corrode your driveway materials.

Maintaining Walls on Your Property

A masonry wall can be cracked or titrated if it is subjected to wind and snow damage during the winter. A new wall can be designed and constructed by Good Guys Contracting if it needs to be replaced, and an existing wall can also be repaired if it has been damaged.

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