Hi there,

My Name is Kavin Timothy. I was born in Galway. My parents and my other Family member also live here. Your Handyman Services providing last 30 years. Actually, My Grandfather and My father was work together and start a handyman service in Galway City. When I finish my study and plan to start handyman services, my Father really welcome me and also my city people, I made a new plan to grow more your service and help our city people more fast and easy way. So, I open a website for your Galway City people. When your city people know about our city they really like this. And again welcome me.

Sometimes people ask me about my business. I always try to answer their question. 

We have right now all kinds of handyman services available right now. This year we add Electrician services for our Galway city people. We work really hard to grow our service better way. Every day we got lots of Phone calls and emails.


At last, I would like to say thanks for your time and work with us.