factors to consider when building electrical and lighting systems (2)

10 factors to consider when building electrical and lighting systems

The home building process has been a significant learning experience for me. Every day I am learning something new. The method of building starts with minor details like finding new products (who knew door handles could be so exciting?!) and goes as far as understanding the building process.

My family’s way of living and enjoying our home depends on our decisions, which is why we spent three hours carefully considering our electrical and lighting plans! The electrician we hired and the lighting expert we hired were both extremely patient and helpful!

1. Over-lighting your interiors is not a good idea

We published a post last week called ‘How to design a lighting plan for your home,’ where lighting expert handyperson talked about understanding the purpose of each room before deciding how much and what type of light to provide it with. Our handyperson constantly asked me, “What are you going to do in this room?” as we worked our way through our house. What will you do with your furniture?’ and ‘How will you arrange it? It would be best if you first discussed lighting options with the client. Don’t over-light your home by selecting lighting based on functional needs – and make sure every interior light is dimmable!

2.Switches with smart features

According to every electrician I spoke with, smart switches are the most requested right now.

This type of timer is replacing traditional light timers, such as floodlight timers, for outdoor lighting, according to Xpert Electric in North Bergen, New Jersey. It can also be turned on or off from your phone even if you forgot to do so when you set it up. Therefore, an intelligent switch has more flexibility than a simple timer. People appreciate its convenience and sense of security.

3.Mixing light sources is a good idea.

I would suggest everything from wall washes to low hallway wall lights to floor lamps, pendants, and step lights, and when we discuss ceiling lights, he presents a new product called ‘extrusion’ lighting, which is sleek and professional looking. You might want to research different lighting options out there before meeting with your electrician to create a plan that fits your home and adds interest. If you don’t have an expert to help with your lighting, I recommend taking the time to research the options before meeting with your electrician.


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4. Lights that automatically turn on and off

As a last resort, we asked our lighting expert for automatic lights in the butler’s pantry and garage, so you won’t have to fumble in the dark. You can make your home more comfortable by adding thoughtful details like this.

building electrical and lighting systems

5. Instead of placing outlets behind your bed or behind your nightstand, place them between your nightstand and bed. 

Thus, you won’t have to scratch your hands or move furniture to plug something up. You might end up with sockets hidden behind furniture anyway if there are codes requiring outlets to be spaced every 4, 6, or 8 feet, but at least you have a few outlets that are readily accessible.


There are many creative ways to design light switches, so you don’t have to stick to the dull look. A LED-based control panel, for example, offers much better functional and visual options than an analog flick switch.

Likewise, power outlets can be plugged in. Almost all phones can be charged by installing USB charging ports into the wall. Discuss with your electrician your aesthetic plans for your home and how lighting switches can fit in.

7. Outlets with power

When designing your new home, make sure there are recessed power outlets throughout so that the future will be more accessible for you in dealing with cords. Behind TVs are great spots for open power outlets – these eliminate unsightly cables so that the flat screen surface can be flush against the wall.

Get your electrician to include a USB port in the drawer or on the bathroom wall if you like to charge your phone there while you dress. 

8. Imagine Yourself and also your creativity

Imagine yourself walking through every room of your house to decide where the light switches should be. Ideally, each end of the hallway should have control. I do not require light switches in most rooms of average size.

9. Your control panel should be inside and outside

Every exterior door should have a light switch, not just the front door, but the side, back, or garage entrance/exit doors, as well as the deck or patio doors. 

Switches on those panels should control lights both inside and outside.

10. Choose the Right Electrician

When building a new house, choosing the right builder is as essential as selecting the right electrician. You can call us anytime 24/7 in Galway city, Ireland.

When you build a new home, the earlier you hire an electrician, the better we can help you design and build your dream home.

We are always prompt, dependable, and fair when working on new construction homes. JMW Electrical Services offers electrical tips and ideas if you plan a new home, so give us a call today, and we can start the process.


As technology evolves, more and more people opt for large sound, video, and entertainment systems, as well as home-based offices. You might want to investigate your home’s electrical options if that describes you. Perhaps your home will need to be wired with an advanced system.

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